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Meet David, his wife Diane, and Gordon, the VP of Marketing & Sales.  Truly, the nicest people.  David started his office supply company in 1971.

As an independently owned and operated provider of office products, furniture, breakroom products, they were competing with national office product chains.   When they would call potential clients, they were asked,

“Will your company be able to handle our order?”

The answer was always “yes” but the clients needed a visual to show them that Guernsey Office Products not only can handle the order but could also provide the lowest total cost solution to business consumers of office products. The Guernseys realized they needed a video to showcase that the scale of their operations and that’s when they turned to Seven10 Productions.

The Guernsey’s were up for a large scale bid and during the presentation the video debuted.

Gordan called me after they signed the contract. He credited the video, “it’s the video that made the difference and ultimately what helped us land the contract. Thank you!”

Gordon wrote the script. We set up a one day 2-camera HD shoot. Diane provided direction and lunch. Thanks Diane! The video is now the first thing that a potential customer sees when visiting the site:

President Bush and CEO David Guernsey

David M. Guernsey, the president and CEO of Guernsey Office Products, played host to the President of the United States at the company’s headquarters in Chantilly, Va., on Oct. 7.



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