Videos that Humanize: U.S. Ambassador to Denmark

Embassy Copenhagen released the State Department’s video introducing Ambassador Rufus Gifford to the Danes.  The video reached an estimated 1.5 million views and was placed on multiple platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, television and websites.  A large percentage of the video’s reach came from the video’s 24/7 broadcast loop on Denmark’s most popular TV channels TV2 News and DR-TV.  Within one week, online media outlets report that the video had been viewed over 100,000 times.  Ambassador Gifford’s video literally made a “splash” when “Denmark: Coast to Coast” – a national travelogue TV show – asked Ambassador Gifford to kayak the Danish coastline on their show!

The Embassy’s social media platforms also received over 350 likes/shares/comments/retweets/favorites and reached more than 6,000 people directly.  On the Embassy’s website, some 4,000 people visited the home page in the days surrounding the Ambassador’s arrival and over 700 people visited the “Ambassador” webpage.



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