Videos in times of Crisis: U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines

The State Department’s videos expand public diplomacy’s reach to the broadest possible public in foreign countries and provide U.S. Embassies with innovative programs such as videos to inform, engage, and influence foreign audiences.

The video produced by the Public Diplomacy’s Informational Information Programs Bureau introducing Ambassador Phillip Goldberg to the Philippines offered a positive, forward-looking message emphasizing the U.S. commitment to help the country rebuild in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda.  Scripted and filmed just five days before the Ambassador’s arrival in country, the simple statement-to-camera format conveyed an empathetic- and timely-expression of support and amplified President Obama’s pledge “When our friends are in trouble, Americans help.”

All major Filipino television channels picked up the video including the top networks in the Philippines, with a 44% audience share of the Philippines TV viewership.  Embassy Manila’s social media properties saw over 2,500 views, 144 shares, 338 likes and 42 comments on the product.



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